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Aero effects were first introduced in Windows 7 and now using it for quite a time, almost all of us have gotten used to them. But with the inception of windows 8, some of the Aero effects have been taken back and you don’t see them that often in the new operating system.

These effects included  Aero glass, Aero snap, Aero shake, Aero peek, and Flip 3D.  Out of them Aero shake and Aero snap are still present in windows 8. For those who don’t know what they are, Aero shake is an effect that brings any particular window into your focus when it is given a shake. While using the Aero Snap feature you can drag a window to the top edge of the screen to maximize or to left/right edge.

These Aero effects along with some other features such as hovering over  ”Show Desktop” allowed to peek onto desktop are disabled in Windows 8 but they can still be enabled to make them work like Windows 7.  Note that there is no “show” desktop” button at the bottom right corner of your screen in windows 8 but still if you move your mouse pointer to empty space right next to clock and click there, you will still be able to jump to desktop and all open windows will be minimized automatically.

This peek preview of the desktop can be enabled in Windows 8 as well so that when you move your mouse pointer to show desktop button, all windows will automatically fade away and you will get a look of your desktop.

To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Right click on your task bar and go to Properties.

In the Taskbar Properties dialogue box, check “Use Peek to preview the desktop when you move your mouse to the Show desktop button at the end of the taskbar” and click OK to save settings.

This option can also be enabled by right clicking on the show desktop are and choose Peek at desktop instead of Show desktop.

This feature is called as the Aero Peek.

Note that  Windows 7 Aero glass look is not available in windows 8 so you cannot enjoy those blurred edges of windows, with glassy look but still a work around is there to get somewhat similar look. To do so, right click on your desktop and click Personalize.

In the theme windows, select the “High contrast white” theme.

Once the theme is applied, click ‘Color’ in the bottom menu.

Minimize the window once it switches to Color and Appearance.

Now open the charms bar by going to the bottom right corner of the screen or by pressing Windows + C, and click Settings.

Click Personalization.

In the personalization window, select one of the Windows Default Themes.

Once the theme is applied, switch to the Color and Appearance window and click Save changes.

And this is how you will get somewhat similar to Aero glass theme of Windows 7.

Note that this method has drawbacks out of which the main is that the whole settings will be reverted if you change desktop background. But still it is a good to go method as you can get back those Glassy effects in Windows 8 using this tutorial.

This tutorial has few images from AddictiveTips.

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