Change Default Programs for Windows 8 such as Image Viewer, Video Player

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While using windows 8 you must have faced the issue of switching between full screen immersive image viewer, video player and other apps and programs. Most of the users want these images and videos to be opnened on the desktop interface in windows 8 so that they may easily be closed or make users able to switch between apps.

This tutorial will help you change default programs for windows 8 such as using windows default image viewer to open images or play videos in a window in windows 8. You can do so by changing the default prgrams for different file types in windows 8.

You can open default programs section in windows 8 by going to start screen and typing Default Programs.

Go to Set Your Default Programs and wait for sometime while the list of the programs is loaded.

From this list you can change default programs for different files types such as choose windows default image viewer to open images instead of windows 8′s metro style full screen image viewer and other programs as well. Setting conventional image viewer by windows as a default program to open images is shown below.

From the list of programs, select Windows Photo Viewer and click Set this program as default.

Similarly you can change other programs as well to bypass the full screen immersive viewers and  set new default programs for different file types.


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