How to Activate God Mode in Windows 8

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If you are new to the term ‘God Mode’ then you should know that there is a shortcut to access various settings in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows from Microsoft. God Mode which is also known as the ‘Windows Master Control Panel’ allows you to access all of the operating system’s control panels from within a single folder.

Shell folders in Windows work based on the folder GUID within curly brackets.  Each folder in windows has its own unqiue GUID which specifies its operations. For example {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} is the GUID of Control Panel in windows.

Yo use these GUID you need to create a folder and rename it as follows:


Note that in this command, the Name stands for the title that the folder will have after it is converted to some windows’s predefined folder. So to Crate God Mode folder, we will rename a newly created folder as follows:


You can replace GodMode with anything in above. To create this God Mode, simply create a new folder, rename it to the string just given above and press enter.

Viola! You have just created the Master Control Panel in Windows 8 which you can access to see all the settings in one folder and you can use a little sense to search for any option in this folder so you don’t have to wander in Control Panel to look for some setting.

GodMode Crashed Your Windows?

There are certain reports that GodMode has unexpected results or repeated crashes, particularly with 64-bit Windows. To fix this, simply reboot your computer, goto Safe Mode and delete this newly created folder. Everything will be fixed.

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