How to Change Keyboard Layout in Windows 8

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If you are annoyed by the default keyboard layout of windows 8 and want to change it as per your local language, well here is the detailed tutorial on how to change your keyboard layout so that you can set your keys as per your keyboard design.

Most of you must already have faced this issue of mixed up buttons in windows 8, such as the following layout where for @ you have some other while normally it is on SHIFT+2  and similarly many others. So to change this layout, go to windows 8 control panel and search for language and open it.

Once you are there, click on Add a language and from the list of languages choose your desired language, and if it is English, you will find further categories by double clicking the English tile.

And also from the options  you can choose the layout of your keyboard as per your style e.g QWERTY or DVORAK etc.

Once you have chosen your desired layout and language, you don’t have to reboot your PC and settings will take effect immediately.

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