How to Get Free Media Center Upgrade in Windows 8

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Windows 8 does not come pre-installed with Windows 8 Media Center so you cannot play DVD movies in Windows 8 without installing Media Center. An alternative method to play all type of media files in windows 8 has already been discussed where you do not need to install Windows Media Center.

But still if you want to give it a try, note that you need to purchase the license of Media Center from Microsoft to make it work on Windows 8 Pro edition. So in addition to your Windows 8 Pro license, you need to spend additional money on windows 8 media center upgrade. But in this tutorial we will tell you how to get free license of windows 8 media center from Microsoft, if you have already installed windows 8 pro edition.

How to Get Windows 8 Media Center Key:

To get windows 8 media center key for free, you need to go to Microsoft Promotional Offers Page. There under the heading of Windows 8 Media Center, you will find a box. Simply enter your email and captcha and click on “Send my key” button.

Note that it can take 24 to 48 hours to get your product key from Microsoft.

Once you have received your key, now you need to enter it in your windows 8 so that your media center gets activated. To enter Windows 8 Media Center key, go to your start screen and search for “system” while selecting “Settings” or simply press Windows + W key and search for “system”.

Once the system window opens, click on “get more features with new edition of windows”.

There windows 8 will ask you either buy a product key online or enter previously purchased key. If you have already received your Media Center Key from Microsoft by following above steps, simply choose the second option and enter your product key.

Now windows will check and verify your key and upon verification a new upgrade will be automatically installed. Note that during this procedure, windows downloads handsome upgrades so you need to be connected to a good internet connection. Also installer may restart without any notice so save all your work before doing this upgrade.

Important Note:

This upgrade is free till January 31, 2013 so before the time runs out, get your product key from Microsoft and turn your current windows 8 into Windows 8 Media Center Edition. Even if you are not interested to get this upgrade at the moment, we suggest getting the product key at this stage so that you will be able to use it at later stage even when the promotion expires and then the Media Center Upgrade will cost around $10.

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