Windows 8 Recovery Guide: Recover When Windows 8 Fails to Boot

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If you perform some registry tweak incorrectly then your Windows 8 may fail to boot or this can also happen by installing some software that may damage the windows 8 important files. In that situation you feel like left stranded as you are not even able to go to recovery options.

If this has happened with your, here is the detailed tutorial on recover windows 8 after it fails to boot so that you may save your important data and settings before doing a clean install of windows 8.

Windows 8 repair and recovery disc is the built-in feature of windows 8 that allows you to create a recovery disk so that you can boot into Windows Recovery Menu/Repair Options in case you are unable to normally boot your windows 8. This tool comes handy when you have no other option but to format your drive and clean install windows 8, but with this tool you can recover and fix windows 8 boot issues.

How to Create Windows 8 Repair and Recovery Disc:

Step 1: To open Windows Repair ad Recovery Disc Center, open your Run Command Box and type recdisc and press enter. This will Windows System Repair Disc tool.

At this stage, you need a blank CD or DVD to be used as recovery disc. Insert it into your CD/DVD ROM and Click on the Create Disc button. Rest of the process will be done by Windows Repair Disc Tool and you don’t need to do anything, once the process is completed, your recovery disc is ready to fix/recover windows 8.

How to Use Windows 8 Recovery Disc:

Now that you have created Windows 8 Recovery Disc, next step is to how to use this disc in order to get your Windows 8 working. So to recover windows 8 when it fails to boot, insert your recovery disc into your CD/DVD ROM and reboot your computer, and boot it from your CD ROM.

You may have to go to your BIOS settings in order to make your CD ROM as first boot device so that the Windows 8 Recovery disc may be started.

It will take some time for the disc to load. Once it is loaded, select Advanced options to enter the Windows 8 repair option.

Here you can either use your recovery disc to recover windows 8 to refresh or reset your computer or alternatively restore it to a previous point if you have already created a recovery point in windows 8.

This recovery process may take some time, when it is completed reboot your computer and boot from hard disk. For this you may again need to go into your computer’s BIOS settings and set your hard disk as the first boot device.

Important Note: Recovery discs created on one windows 8 will work on others so if your computer has already stopped working because of windows 8 failed to boot issue, simply use computer that has running windows 8. Create the recovery disc using the same procedure explained above and recover your computer. This may result in loss of some recent files and settings but still you will be able to boot into your windows without having to format your drive and re-installing windows 8.

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