Install Desktop Gadgets and Sidebar in Windows 8

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If you are used to desktop gadgets being a windows 7 user but missing them in Windows 8 then here is a detailed tutorial on how to get desktop gadgets and sidebar in Windows 8.

Though Microsoft has not enabled desktop gadgets by default in Windows 8 yet there are some unofficial software that allow you to install windows 8 desktop gadgets. After installing these utilities, you will get sidebar on your desktop where you can add gadgets but note that your charms bar will still operate in the same manner as it normally does in Windows 8.

Out of these we have picked the two top ones that are handy to serve the purpose.

1. Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets:

desktop gadgets windows 8

This is a simple installer that allows you to enable desktop Gadgets in clicks. With support for numerous language, you can enable the gadgets you want. Simply download the software and you will be presented with the same old Windows 7 like interface of Gadget management.


Desktop Gadgets 1 Desktop Gadgets 2 Windows 8 Desktop Gdgets


2. 8GadgetPack:

8GadgetPack is one similar utility like the Desktop Gadgets. It comes with more than 40 gadgets that can be used on Windows 8 desktop. All you need to do is to install the software and sidebar will appear so that you can choose gadgets.

Not only the conventional gadgets such as Clock, Calender, Notes etc. this utility comes with some handy gadgets like real time monitoring of your disk, processor or ram. So you can have a deep inside look on what’s going on. To read more about 8GadgetPack and Downlaod it, visit their official website.

8GadgetPack in Action


Microsoft does not support gadgets in any version of its operating system anymore. After the security advisory in July 2012, Microsoft now urges users to disable desktop gadgets considering security issues. Also the company has taken back online gadgets repository in the same regard.

The software discussed here are completely unofficial and you should install them on your own as we do not take credit for their integrity.

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  1. Luna says:

    Windows 8 detect windows version is not supported + DesktopGadgets.N?

  2. potanes says:

    the “weather” gadget not working is says “cannot connect to server”? please help! tnx..

  3. Jagpreet Singh says:

    Luna, wants to say that his/her windows 8 is saying that it does not support the version of this software … i guess may be it would be because of 32 bit or 64 bit reasons :) .

  4. Ishan says:

    for many days i was wondering how to get vista like sidebar in windows 8.thank you… windows 8…..

  5. rachid says:

    je veux installe les gadget du bureau

  6. rachid says:

    avec plaisir

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    Thank you Team

  9. Lloyd says:

    I downloaded and installed the gadget software but how do I get it to work? Where is the sidebar?
    Where are the gadgets? I selected gadgets and English in the first screen shot you show but the second screen shot showing all the gadgets does not come up. When I go to my programs file windows sidebar is there but when I select open nothing happens.

  10. Thareen says:

    thank you very much it works

  11. soubhagya ghosh says:

    i want a gajet which looks like a notice bord
    where is it??

  12. rechie says:

    i cant install says “detected windows version is not supported! installation cancelled”,,can someone help me?pleeaasse.!


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