Launch Multiple Instances of App from Start Screen in Windows 8

By  · Wednesday, Apr 24, 2013 0 Comments

Title of this post may be a bit confusing for you if you don’t know what multiple instances mean. In the previous versions of Windows when you launched anything from start screen, a new window used to open when you try to run same application multiple time. For example if you want to run Internet Explorer from start menu in earlier

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Reduce Startup Delay to Run Desktop Apps Faster in Windows 8

By  · Sunday, Apr 21, 2013 0 Comments

Windows 8 has this built-in feature of delaying the launch of apps as the windows boots i.e. start-up apps. Desktop applications, shortcuts or start menu folders, all are launched with a delay of few seconds as the windows starts. This was introduced first time in Windows 8 probably because it was launched for both desktop as well as

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