How to Disable Charms Bar and Program Switcher in Windows 8

By  · Friday, Feb 1, 2013 23 Comments

With the new version of Windows i.e. Windows 8 – Microsoft has introduced New Start and Metro Style Modern UI. So unlike previous Start ‘Menu’, you get a start screen and have to switch between this screen and your running applications. For this switching, two controls are provided on the left and right edge of the

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Top 15 Differences Between Windows 7 and Windows 8

By  · Monday, Nov 26, 2012 1 Comment

Windows 7 was released back in 2009 and this really was a huge jump from its predecessor, Windows XP. Masses readily accepted this change and in no time it was Windows 7 everywhere. But with the launch of Windows 8, trend is not that rising as it was earlier in the case of Windows 7. It is not that Windows 8 is a fail launch but the main

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Windows 8 Uses BIOS to Store Your Product Key

By  · Monday, Nov 26, 2012 2 Comments

Do you remember those stickers at the bottom of your notebook or somewhere on your desktop computer? Well this sticker actually has the product key from Microsoft to activate your product. For most of you they must have gone fade now if you purchased your machine a while ago but now with Windows 8 these keys will be stored in your BIOS,

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Should You Install 3rd Party AntiVirus on Windows 8?

By  · Wednesday, Nov 21, 2012 0 Comments

If you are keen about your computer security and want it to be flawless, then you should use some solid anti virus for your PC’s protection against threats. With Windows 8, Microsoft has bundled Windows Defender as a complete PC anti virus but a lot of people ask should they continue using Windows Defender or opt for some third-part

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How to Create Shutdown Button in Windows 8

By  · Monday, Nov 19, 2012 0 Comments

With the non-availability of conventional start menu, users of windows 8 find it difficult to shutdown windows 8 in case of hurry. In windows 8 you can go to shut down menu by going to charms bar and and then the Power menu. Charms bar can be opened either by pressing Windows + C or by moving mouse pointer to right edge of your

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Solve Error Code: 0xc0000001 in Winodws 8

By  · Saturday, Nov 17, 2012 32 Comments

Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or Error Code: 0xc0000001 sometime occurs without any specific issue. You can’t be sure what actually caused it. Be it a system issue or some driver problem, you may end up seeing this screen when you restart your computer. To solve this blue screen error in windows 8, turn off your computer

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How to Clear Windows 8 App Store Cache

By  · Saturday, Nov 17, 2012 5 Comments

With everyday there are new updates for applications, few are just some bug fixes while others do bring new features. Similarly with the launch of windows 8, an app store has been provided from where users can download windows apps, and updating them is easy. If you are facing some issues in updating apps in windows 8, it

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Enable Search in Multiple Partitions in Windows 8

By  · Friday, Nov 16, 2012 0 Comments

If you have a huge amount of data and are habitual of searching for your desired files, then you must have faced the issues in Windows 8. By default, if you search something in Windows 8, it will search only in that drive where your Windows is installed and sometimes not even in the complete partition. Users with huge amount of data and

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How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8

By  · Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 0 Comments

Windows 8 SmartScreen filter is a built-in feature in windows 8 that warns when you try to open potentially dangerous files and specifically those which are downloaded from internet. Without any doubt, this is a handy feature considering security at corporate level but if you are a home user, you may be annoyed by this popup every now and

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Bring Back Aero Effects In Windows 8

By  · Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 0 Comments

Aero effects were first introduced in Windows 7 and now using it for quite a time, almost all of us have gotten used to them. But with the inception of windows 8, some of the Aero effects have been taken back and you don’t see them that often in the new operating system. These effects included  Aero glass, Aero snap, Aero

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