App Review: Fill Empty Spaces on Windows 8 Start Screen with My Tiles

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Alot of people complain about lack of customization in windows 8. Such as with the start screen, you have to use the wallpaper that comes with windows. But now with the help of My Tiles app from Windows 8 App Store, you can fill the empty spaces left on start screen with the choice of your own images so that you don’t have to see those empty sapces and default wallpaper.

This is a shell in a shell where you can setup the tiles the way you want. If you are unable to understand how this app actually works, have a look at following screenshots and then you will have a clear idea about the usefulness of this app.

Note that the images are taken from the App’s official page. This app is free and can be installed in windows 8 from this link. If you are new to windows 8, you can check our tutorial on how to install an app in windows 8 from Microsoft App Store.


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