Best Media Player for Windows 8

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If you have recently upgraded your operating system to windows 8 then you must be wondering what is the best media player for windows 8. A lot of people have already asked this question about what media player to use on windows 8.

By default the music app provided by windows 8 is not very catchy, even you don’t have a volume control there. To get the best media player for windows 8, our answer is still VLC - the best and free media player available.

Being fully functional with Windows, Mac and Linux – VLC has already won hearts of many and is still considered as the best because it is opensource and totally free utility.

VLC player plays most of the multimedia files and also works with streaming protocols. If you have been using Windows 8 default media player, by now  must have noticed that Microsoft has removed the functionality of playing DVD’s with music app, you have to install media pack for extra money in order for them to play.

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