Enable Search in Multiple Partitions in Windows 8

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If you have a huge amount of data and are habitual of searching for your desired files, then you must have faced the issues in Windows 8. By default, if you search something in Windows 8, it will search only in that drive where your Windows is installed and sometimes not even in the complete partition.

Users with huge amount of data and backups always find the search feature handy as you can save a lot of time if you have slight idea of what the name of the file would be. But if you are unable to find something in windows when it is located in any of your drive, then you need to change your indexing options.

Windows by default indexes your data on its own when your computer is idle so that you don’t have to wait for long when this search takes place. To change these indexing options and to enable search in multiple drives, go to your control panel and search for “indexing”.

Click on Indexing Options and you will be presented with the following window. Click onModify button:

Here you can change the indexing locations, select all your drives if you want to enable search in all of them or choose a specific one if your main data is located in that.

Once you have changed the settings, windows will take some time to index new locations and then you will be able to search in multiple drives in windows 8.

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