How to Create a Picture Password in Windows 8

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Along with the conventional numeric or alpha-numeric passwords, windows 8 has brought a new type of protection for not only tablets but desktop PC’s as well because windows 8 runs on both.

Windows Picture Password is a visual way of signing into your touch enabled device or desktop PC’s. With Windows 8 Picture Password, you select a secret gesture on your desired picture and window will take as a password to signing to your user account.

For Windows Picture Password to work, you have have at least one picture in your ‘Pictures’ folder. You need to draw circles, lines or tap on any three ares to setup your password. Once the gestures are saved, you will be asked to perform the same gestures on windows 8 log on screen.

How to Setup:

Move your mouse pointer to the upper left corner to open the charms bar or simply press win + C. Go to settings and in the lower right corner, you will see “Change PC Settings”.

Now go to Users and below your account, you will find an option “Create a picture password”. Confirm your account by entering the password which you are currently using.

Note that you should already save a picture in your “Pictures” folder that you want to use. Here simply click on “choose picture” and select your desired images that you want to be used on picture password screen.

Here you can drag the picture around an move it on the display the way you like, to choose desired picture ares, and click the Use this picture button.

Here you need to draw three gestures and repeat to confirm them. Like described earlier, these three gestures can be combinantion of circles, lines or taps.

This is all about picture password. Once you have performed all the steps correctly, you will be asked for picture password on your next reboot. Note that if you are on a desktop PC instead of touch enabled device, you can use your mouse pointer to draw gestures.


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