How to Create My Computer Icon on Desktop in Windows 8

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The term ‘My Computer’ can be termed as a trademark of Windows operating system without any doubt. Though the term was named as ‘Computer’ in the later version of the operating system i.e. those released after Windows XP.

But many among us are still used to the previous term and you will mostly hear or even search for My Computer. But in windows 8 if you go through your Start Screen or desktop, you will not find any icon of ‘Computer’ on both of them. In this tutorial you will learn how to add ‘Computer’ icon to your desktop as well as start screen.

How to add My Computer to Desktop:

To add ‘My Computer’ icon or to be precise, the ‘Computer’ icon on windows 8 desktop, you need to right click on your desktop and go to personalize. In the left panel, look for Change desktop icons and click on it.

There you will see a dialogue box opens. Simply check the desired icons that you want to appear on your desktop, and the first one will be ‘Computer’. You can also add Documents or Network icons to your desktop as well.

Click OK, and that is it. Your Computer icon will added to your desktop.

How to add My Computer to Start Screen:

If you are more used to windows 8 start screen then you may also like adding the ‘Computer’ icon to the start screen of windows 8. Al you need to do is to search for ‘computer’ on your start screen. Once windows finds it for you, right click the icon and you will see a ribbon bar at the bottom of the screen. In the left corner, you will see an option: “Pin to Start”, simply click it and ‘Computer’ icon will be added to your start screen.

Alternatively you can do the same by going to your ‘Computer’ from either by searching on Start Screen or through Windows Explorer and there in the left panel, right click on ‘Computer’ and you will see an option “Pin to Start”.

That’s all and ‘Computer’ icon will be added to your start screen.

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