How to Create Shutdown Button in Windows 8

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With the non-availability of conventional start menu, users of windows 8 find it difficult to shutdown windows 8 in case of hurry. In windows 8 you can go to shut down menu by going to charms bar and and then the Power menu.

Charms bar can be opened either by pressing Windows + C or by moving mouse pointer to right edge of your screen.

Still there is another way of shutting down windows 8 and that is by pressing Alt + F4. This also opens power menu so that instantly shutdown windows. But if you want things to be done in clicks, follow this tutorial to learn how to create custom shutdown button in windows 8 so that when you simply click it, your computer shuts down.

Step 1: Go to the location where you want to place windows shut down shortcut, for example Desktop, right click and go to New  and choose Shortcut.

Step 2: In the dialogue box we need to enter the shortcut command for shutting down windows. So in the box Type the location of the item, enter the following command:

shutdown /s /t 0

Now simply click Next,  name the shortcut and click Finish. This is it. You have just created a shortcut to quickly shutdown windows 8.

To get more out of this shortcut, you can add it to your start menu. Right click on the shortcut, just created, and select Pin to Start . This shortcut will be added to your tiles start menu so that you will be able to shutdown from your start menu with a single click.

Note that if you do not like the default Icon, you can change it by right clicking on the icon and from Properties, go to Change Icon option.

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