How to Install an App in Windows 8

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If you are new to windows 8 and just learning it’s features, you might already know that windows 8 comes with a built-in Windows App Store from where you can download various applications such as Skype, Wikipedia, Angry birds and many to name.

To install an app from windows 8 app store you need to go to your Start Screen. There you will find a tile named as Store. This is actually the Microsoft’s Latest Windows 8 App Store.

Once you have opened the Store, you will see that there is no search field to manually look for an app. But that is not an issue with windows 8 because as you will use windows 8 you will get familiar with the fact that windows 8 does not provide any search field at most of the places. So all you have to do is, simply start typing and you will see that a search bar automatically appears on the right side of your screen.

That is it! Once you have searched your required app, you will see an Install button right below the app price. You can also find app description, author’s note and other details about this app in the same window.

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