How to Sync Multiple Google Calenders with Windows 8 Calender App

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If you are one of those users who rely a lot on their calenders and want them to be synced all the time so that they don’t miss a thing, then you must have faced some issues with calender app of windows 8. If you have more than one calenders in your Google account and now you want to sync them with windows 8 native calender app then the problem will arise.

Windows 8 by default only syncs one calender i.e. the root calender of your Google account and leaves the other. This issue has been greatly addressed over the internet and now finally here is the solution for you.

So if you have you have multiple calendars in your gmail calendar but only one of them syncs with the windows 8′s calendar, follow the given steps to sync all the other calendars to the calendar app.

Note that in the following tutorial, you can use any other browser instead of Google Chrome but it should support to disable javascript. So for Google chrome:

  • Downloaded “User Agent Switcher” from the Chrome Webstore
  • Deactivate Javascript in Settings of your browser
  • Go to
  • Click your windows mail device
  • In the URL is a part which is called “supportMultipleCalendars=false” change it to true
  • Reload the Page.
  • If you have deactivated javascript you can add the calendars and save the,
  • Add your Google Account to your Windows Calendar app.

And this is it. Once done, now you will be able to sync multiple calenders in one gmail account with windows 8 calender app.

Adding more than one gmail accounts to calender:

On a side note, if you want to add more than one gmail accounts in your calnder instead of one account with multiple calenders, you can follow these steps:

You can add your other Gmail accounts in the Calendar app separately to view their calendar entries.

  • Open Calendar app.
  • Press window key + c to open charms bar.
  • Click Settings > Accounts > add an account then select Google.
  • Type your Gmail account username and password then click connect.
  • Wait the for calendar to finish synchronizing to view your calendar entry.

Note that when multiple calendars are added, metro style calendar will automatically merge entries but with different colors to differentiate the calendar sources.

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