Pin Modern Metro Apps to Taskbar or Desktop in Windows 8

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By default Microsoft does not allow Windows 8 users to pin modern metro apps to task bar or desktop. This is one of the most missed features in Windows 8 and many among us would love to see it happen actually.

Or sometimes users may want to add their own custom tiles to the Start Screen without installing anything. There are many tutorials available which allow you pin modern apps to task bar but these allow you to pin only the native apps. These methods do not work for installed applications such as downloaded from store. Today we are going to tell you how to pin all metro apps to taskbar or to desktop  or even create a tile of your own choice using a simple software, OblyTile.

OblyTile not only allows you to pin modern metro apps to desktop but also allows you to pin any desktop application to your start screen with a custom logo of your own choice i.e. create a tile and put an image of your own choice. To put your desktop application/file/folder to Start Screen you need to have an image that can be used while creating tile.

Creating Tiles on Start Screen:

First of all download OblyTiles from here. You don’t have to install it, just download and run the application. You will be presented with the following OblyTile window.


This part of OblyTile is used to create tiles of your own applications or folders on your start screen. All you have to do is to enter the name of the tile in Tile Name field. Now in Program Path field, click on the browse button and you will see three option. You can make tile to open some file i.e. an applicaion etc, a folder or a web link. Select your choice, and then give details of the selection.

OblyTile Tiles

Now you need to set the image of the tile that is to be created. You can use a solid color tile or download these windows 8 modern metro icons which are made for most of the apps but considering modern metro apps.

Now click on Create Tile and a new tile of your choice will be created on your start screen.

Creating Shortcuts of Tiles on Desktop:

Using the AppID associated with each application on Start Screen, OblyTile can create a shortcut to any application on your desktop. Since each tile on your start screen is associated with an AppID so their shortcuts can also be created on desktop. Once these shortcuts are created, you can place metro applications shortcuts in your task bar.

Now run OblyTile and click on the folder icon on the top of the OblyTile Window to open the Tile Manager sidebar. Now if you have some custom applications installed, they will be displayed in Manager section. Or click on the Window Icon to see the list of default Windows Tiles to place them on desktop. Both these button are pointed out in the following screenshot.

OblyTile Desktop Shortcuts

Simply select the application for which you want to create shortcut on your desktop or taskbar and click on the respective button. You can place icons directly to taskbar as well by clicking on click on the folder icon on the top of the OblyTile Window to open the Tile Manager sidebar Create shortcut on taskbar.

Like discussed above, you can download icons pack in modern metro style for desktop applications. So once you have created the shortcut on your desktop, you can change the icon by going to it’s properties.

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