Microsoft India offers Windows 8 for Rs. 1999 – Approximately 37USD

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Microsoft India has adopted a new strategy in the distribution of windows 8 by urging the cajole millions of users to get windows 8 instead of pirated operating system at unbelievably low rates.

Windows 8’s actual price in Indian currency is Rs. 11,999 but now, the OS giant, Microsoft is offering this at a price tag of Rs. 1,999 only which is a discount of approximately 83%. So from a computer that runs Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 – be it pirated or legal – users can get a licensed copy of windows 8 at a very cheap rate as low as that of Rs. 1,999 which is roughly $37.

This offer is valid till January 31, 2013. Upgrade DVD costs you Rs 3,499 and if you bought some version of Windows 7 after June 2012 then you can get the same upgrade for Rs 699.

With this move, Microsoft is obviously trying to lure those users of windows who are using pirated versions and are potentially robbing the company of billions of dollars in revenue. This discount is likely to negate the culture of pirated OS as though current market share by Windows is approximately 80% but at the same time the main reason of piracy is the high prices of legitimate products by Microsoft.

On the whole this can be termed as a great move by Microsoft at right time because Microsoft has already observed the increased trend of users towards Windows 8 because it distributed approximately 16 million copies of windows 8 preview version.

You can get this offer from this link.

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