Edit Your Windows 8 Experience Index to Whatever Value You Want

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Did you know that you can manually change the Windows Experience Index in windows 8 and set it whatever value you want. Though it has nothing to do with the performance or has any effect on your windows experience but you can brag about your machine’s experience index in front of other by setting it higher value.

Windows Experience Index is stored in an xml file which can be easily edited to change the experience index to whatever value you want.

How to Edit Windows Index:

  • To spoof your windows experience index, Navigate to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore.
  • Open the most recent file in this folder, In case of  Windows 8, edit the newest “Formal.Assessment” file. If you do not have write permissions, simply change the permissions of this file.
  • Parse the file looking for the WinSPR entry. These are the items you want to edit.  The maximum value you can use is 9.9.


Note that by default, the maximum value that windows assigns to a sngle index is 7.9 so if you set any value beyond this, like 9.9 it will be clear to any person with a little knowledge that your windows experience is hacked. So be humble while modifying your windows experience to make it look like more realistic!

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