How to Burn ISO Files in Windows 8 Without Any Software

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Windows Disc Image Burner is the free disc burning utility in Windows 8 that allows you to quickly write ISO files to CD or DVD. This utility can be used in both graphical interface as well as the command line iterface.

From Command Line:

To burn a CD or DVD ISO file from command prompt with Windows Disc Image Burner, go to command line by typing cmd in the RUN.

Now you can simply use the following command to burn iso images to CD/DVD:

isoburn /q drive:\file.iso

Where isoburn /q is the command and replace drive with your driver letter or the complete path. For example if windows8.iso file is located in your D drive and you want to burn it with above mentioned command, the correct command will be:

isoburn /q d:\windows8.iso

From Graphical Interface:

You can easily burn ISO files to CD/DVD with graphical interface of Windows Disc Image Burner in simple clicks. Simply right click on the ISO file and you will see Burn Disc Image Option. Clicking this option will open Windows Disc Image Burner which you can use very easily to burn ISO file to CD/DVD.

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  1. Fachry says:

    Sir TeamWindows 8, if this trick can be applied in Windows 8, is it can also be applied to Windows 10? if you want to reply, please mail me. thanks.

  2. Fachry says:

    Sir TeamWindows8, if this trick can be applied on windows 8, is it can also be applies on windows 10? please reply.


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